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The Boutique Hotels Forum (BHF) is an annual B2B Forum of one day duration, exclusively for certified from the Hellenic Chamber of Hotels properties of the "Boutique Hotels" program and is organized within the framework of return action implemented for its members. BHF gives the opportunity to exhibitors to meet, introduce, present and create cooperation opportunities by communicating “face to face” with the decision makers of the most important Greek travel agencies and selected buyers from Europe, who are dealing with FIT, leisure, alternative and luxury travel.

At BHF your meetings with the visitors can be either pre-arranged or on site.




The Hellenic Chamber of Hotels operates since 1935 as a Legal Entity of Public Law. It is the institutional consultant of the Government as far as tourism and hospitality issues are concerned. Its members are, by law, all the hotels and camping sites of the country.

It is run by an Administrative Council of elected representatives of hotels and camping sites as well as of representatives of the State. It is a member of the Confederation of National Associations of Hotels, Restaurants and Cafeterias of EU member-states (HOTREC).

The Chamber’s membership is about 10.000. Classical hotels are the most numerous. The highest number of hotels-members are in Crete, followed by Macedonia and Central Greece regions.